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About OverEcho

OverEcho is a server management and web hosting provider. We explore how technology and services can help people and companies address their problems and challenges, and realize their possibilities, aspirations and dreams. We apply new thinking and ideas to create more simple, valuable and trusted experiences with technology, continuously improving the way our customers live and work.

Our main data center, comprised of talented designers and developers, is located in Austin, Texas. We provide support all across Texas, the United States, and even the World.

Top 5 Reasons You Should Use OverEcho

Seemingly, there are many choices when it comes to picking a Web hosting provider. However, when you add up all the facts, the choice becomes clear. Discover the reasons why OverEcho is the right choice for you.

1. The Best Value

Our products are packed with the features and services that you won't find anywhere else. OverEcho proves that saving money doesn't have to mean compromising service.

2. Total Dedication to Customers' Satisfaction

Superior support sets us apart from the bargain-basement Web hosts. We pride ourselves on offering reliable, 24/7 support, so we're there whenever you need us.

3. Easy-to-Use Technology

OverEcho is at the forefront of driving ease-of-use in the Web hosting industry. Our internal R&D team continually develops convenient, intuitive tools.

4. We Grow with You

From dedicated servers to managed services, OverEcho is right there with the support and additional services you need as your business grows.

5. We Are Here to Stay

Unlike many companies who have plans of selling out, we have plans for sticking around for a very long time. We are fiscally responsible, debt-free, and we focus on our financials to ensure the utmost stability to our customers.

OverEcho's Past

In 2009, Sebastian Bruce recognized a need for a web and server management company within the Austin Texas area that cared more about its customers than its dividends. That idea quickly grew into OverEcho, a one-of-a-kind company focused on premium customer support and reliable hosting and server services.Bruce Sebastine

Strategic Partnerships

OverEcho partners are leading companies that develop and market complementary solutions that are integrated with OverEcho products. These partners extend the functionality of OverEcho's technology, which results in superior joint solutions for our customers.

OverEcho's strategic partners include: Data Foundry, Dell, cPanel, Microsoft, and CentOS.

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